John-Michael Berger, better known by friends and colleagues as Berger, is a truly multi-faceted musician. Unsusceptible to the societal expectations that weigh down many new artists with what they’re ‘supposed’ to rap about, Berger’s style is refreshingly rough and real.  His friends know him to be blatantly honest, and that conviction shows no less in his music.  Writing songs about his relationship with God and about life experiences as they come at him, Berger doesn’t rap about anything he doesn’t care about or hasn’t experienced himself.  Any amount of time spent in today’s rap game will give anyone a fervent appreciation for the integrity and heart that Berger brings to the turntable.  He can tell you what it felt like to have to defend himself from bullies growing up, what it feels like to have a titanium face as a result of a gang attack, and at the end of it all, he can tell you what it feels like to have loved and lost, and what it feels like to lose yourself only to find the light of God. From writing, to production, to performance, his dedication to music, rough upbringing, and commitment to the Lord is evident in everything to which Berger applies himself.

Today, Berger currently finds himself set upon a positive, new path that God has laid before him. Berger distanced himself from the negative forces weighing him down and spends every day working towards a more fulfilling life.  Berger has decided to continue to serve God in the best way he knew how: through his music. With encouragement and support from numerous leaders and musicians, Berger has been spreading God’s word by rapping during church events.

Looking ahead, Berger aspires to work even more closely with the Lord. With positivity and faith to guide him, Berger confidently marches towards a brighter future filled with love and hope as he continues to pursue his music career.

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